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Portrait of “Uncle Boreal Rabbit.” 


Sometimes when I’m creating characters for a larger collage piece or diorama I like to imagine the arc of the lives of those characters and what they are doing, who they are with outside of that particular frozen moment of time. Sometimes I will play around and sketch or paint ideas of these creature’s extended family trees, their relatives, their triumphs, romances, tragedies and other elements of their fairytale stories. 


Here we have Uncle Boreal Rabbit, scholar of Leporidae mythology and folklore, bachelor farmer - nobody grows better heirloom carrots and cabbages in the Northwoods - and founder of Boreal University. Uncle Boreal is one of the eldest, still living members of Rabbit family. Never having any bunnies of his own he has been a wonderful Uncle to many generations of the family, always a good Rabbit to consult for advice.


This piece makes use of remnant art paper used in larger diorama/ collage/ paper doll projects and uses techniques of painting, drawing with colored pencil, pen and thread.


Uncle Boreal Rabbit

SKU: 217537123517253
  • 9 x 6 inches, Polychromos & Luminance colored pencils, pen and ink, gouache, art papers, thread.


  • USPS $10

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